Paddle Boarding Fitness

Wondering what health benefits are associated with paddle boarding? Well, there are several reasons as to why you need to start out on this sport soon. Paddle boarding fitness actually infers a deeper health benefit because you are actually doing a workout on the boards. But here we will stick to some of the health benefits associated with basic use of the paddle boards.

    • Helps you get into shape

Paddle boarding is an all body workout sport. You use almost every muscle in your body when paddle boarding. Your body core, legs and hands are constantly maintaining balance. The back and leg muscles are always engaged when paddling the board through the water.

Paddle boarding can burn a lot of body fat in an hour than other sports simply because it involves a full-body workout. Whether you are surf surfing or recreational paddling, you are always guaranteed of a solid work out.

      • Helps relieve stress

Hopping on a paddle when you are stressed can bring your worries to rest. Water and exercises are both wonderful natural remedies. The tranquil sounds of the board gliding across the water and the rhythms of your breath will slowly take away your stress. Much the same as a hypnotist relaxes you before your under with calming water sounds and deep breaths.

      • Boosts your endurance and stamina

Stamina and endurance are not only built by cardio and intense exercising. Stamina is also built through strengthening exercises. Paddle boarding helps build strength in the upper body, core and legs as opposed to kayaking where your legs do not play much of a role.

      • Connecting with nature

Paddling is done outdoors where there is a lot to watch. There are also many places where you can take your  board, head to the mountains or stay at the beach and still have a lot of connection with nature. What is really fun is taking your paddling adventure to a small river where not too many people come to where only a canoe or kayak can go.

      • Improves Balance

The instability of the paddle is what makes it such an effective workout. With paddling, you may feel that you are standing still, but your muscles are constantly working to keep your body upright.

Your balance improves with time even when you are off the water. The balance attained here can help you perform better in other sports and even a job like decorating.

      • Expands your horizon

Stand up paddling helps you see the scenery from another viewpoint. Most of the time your seeing the water from land, so watching things from the water is a bit different, almost like your secluded from the rest of the world. Unlike other water sports, SUP doesn’t require big waves or high winds, although those variables make for a bit more fun or challenge.

      • Stand up paddle sports is an outgoing activity

SUP is a very sociable activity. It makes it easy to chat with a friend while at it and gives you a common theme to chat about. Small children can sit on the board with you, take your dog along, or even have your girlfriend or wife sit on the board while you paddle them away. These reasons make the sport more welcoming than other sports such as surfing and water skiing which are one person-cantered.

      • Helps Boost you vitamin D levels

A little sun exposure is good for your skin and overall health.  SUP will help you reconnect with nature while exposing you to the good sun. The whole experience will improve your health and mental well-being.

Final thoughts:

Paddle boarding has proved that its benefits are beyond improving your fitness levels.  The whole body is able to reap the benefits that the sport offers.

There is no doubt that paddle boarding is one of the most relaxing and mindful water sports in the world today. Become a paddler today and see what everyone is talking about for a healthier you.