A very common question for beginners to the paddles sports arena is:

What Size Paddle Board  Should I Get?

With paddleboarding becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the world, more and more people are searching for more information about it.  Choosing the right size paddle board is important but can be a daunting task to a newbie.

Choosing a paddle board shouldn’t be complicated.  It is mostly based on your weight but has some other factors to consider as well.  Here is a size chart if we just go strictly by weight.

Paddle board length     Paddler’s Weight

9′ – 10’6″                            50-125 lbs

10’6″ – 11′ 6″                    125-150 lbs

10′ 6″-11′ 6″                     150-175 lbs

11′ 6″ – 12″ 6″                  200-225 lbs

12’6″                                   225 – 250 lbs

12′ 6″                                  250-275 lbs

Consider the style of Paddling your interested in?

If you are going to paddle the surf zone, then a pointer front and back is needed.  However, if you are looking at paddleboard yoga, a wider and more stable board is what you’re after.  These are various details of the board that should be considered when selecting your paddleboard.  Yoga boards are great at 31″ to 33″ in width.  If you are looking to use it as a touring board, then you’ll want something with less drag.  The longer and narrower design are best vs the style of Yoga style for touring.

Most beginners aren’t aware of what they are going to like and decide to go with an all-around board. These are boards that can do a little bit of everything. They are not super wide but still offer good stability and less drag.  Typically they come with a wider tail section and nose.

Do Paddleboards have weight capacity?

Most paddleboard manufacturers will post the weight capacity of the board on it somewhere.  It is important to ensure that your board can hold your weight properly.  If it isn’t rated for your weight it will tend to ride very low in the water and even sink.  Check the board for max weight capacity and try to not to push the envelope too hard on this one or you might end up riding on the bottom of the water.

Does Height Play a Role in Determining the right Paddle Board?

Taller people have a different center of gravity than shorter people.  A taller person has a taller center of gravity than a shorter person.  This can make paddle boarding for a shorter person a bit easier.  But, as with most things, if you are tall, you are used to working with your center of gravity and this shouldn’t be an issue.  And, of course, taller people tend to weigh more than shorter people, which is the primary focus when looking at a board.

When getting started paddle boarding don’t over think it.  Most boards will do just fine.  Just ensure you are looking at a board that is good for your weight class and try it.  As you build skill, you will discover personal preferences that you might keep in mind when you purchase a new board later down the road.  And, there are some paddle boarders that love the sport so much that they own more than one for their various interests as well. Paddleboarding is a  sport that just about anyone can enjoy.  And, it really doesn’t require any skill sets.